St.Luke Catholic Church

Our mission is to: 

Bring people to Jesus 


Bring Jesus to people. 

(Mother Teresa)

The dream of a Catholic Church for the people of Barefoot Bay have been on their mind for around 15 years. The church started around the year 1970 when a group of 12 people gathered in the Barefoot Bay Community center's bunding "A" for the first worship service of what would become the congregation of St.Luke.

On February 4, 1985, Bishop Thomas Grady established the Catholic Community at Barefoot Bay as a mission of St.Joseph's parish. The new mission have been given the name of St.Luke. The boundaries of St.Luke's Catholic Church are : the Indian River to the east, Valkaria road to the north and the Breward-Osceola county line to the west.

The construction of the church, will initially seat 580 persons, and the construction started mid fall in 1985. The first pastor was Father Anthony Bluet.

In August 9, 1991 the formal opening of the second phase took place.

In 1994 the construction fo the third phase started under the new pastor, Father Patrick O'Carroll. The capacity of the church is now close to a 1000 people.

In June 16 1995, Father Patrick O'Carroll celebrated the first mass in the completed new church.

The actual pastor is Father Yvon Hache, a french canadian priest. He has been associate at St.Luke for 3 years and pastor for over 3 years. He has been a priest for 26 years.                                                     

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